John Korpics is a creative professional with more than 25 years of experience in design leadership. He has a broad and diverse set of skills, which means he has a lot of different ways to use design thinking to create value for a company. He loves it when design is elegant and powerful and inviting and intuitive, but he also really loves it when design can help scale and grow business.

He has won a lot of awards for his work at places like ESPN, Fortune, and Esquire, and he would be happy to tell you about them if you like, but honestly he doesn’t think those make a big difference. Solving problems and building solutions that help companies is much more rewarding than fancy metal things on a shelf.

He can sit across the table from Presidents and CEO’s, athletes and movie stars, but he is probably most comfortable sitting with the teams who are actually working. He can speak passionately and convincingly about how and why design can make a difference, but he doesn’t always think design is the answer. He loves to listen and learn from people smarter than him.

If you would like to hear more, I’m sure he would love to tell you. He loves talking about himself!

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John Korpics can wear a suit and tie, but he doesn't have to.